In a one bedroom flat above a busy takeaway Richard, a former car salesman, is on the verge of eviction with his past months’ rent overdue. If he doesn’t come up with a good enough excuse, he will be forced to be separated from his teenage daughter. “If I can’t even keep a roof over […]

Ron Suskind uses many language techniques such as metaphors and one quote that shows this is: “The arduous odyssey of Cedric.” From this quote we can deduce that Ron Suskind is trying to say that Cedric is enduring a tough, hard lone journey. Suskind describes Cedric’s journey as arduous, meaning tiring and strenuous. We know that it […]

He sat on his leather armchair by the warming fireplace, his frail body glistening from the light of the fire. He swirled his red wine in his glass, the finest wine only from the biggest chateau in France. He took a sip of the common mans salary. He then placed his glass on his mahogany table. […]

Quote 1. ” If you only took the kids who need this most, the ones who somehow excel at terrible schools, who swim upstream but are still far behind academically, you wouldn’t get enough eventually accepted to M.I.T. to justify the program.” Quote 2. ” But where I start from is so far behind where […]

Why microscopes are useful in the study of cell biology? Microscopes are useful because cells in biology are so so small they cannot me be seen with the naked eye. Light microscopes usually look at objects from 1cm to 1μm these include such objects as fruit fly, hair, cell and bacteria. The difference between magnification […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway